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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter. 

Bulk Power Highlights

February 2000

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Northeast has filed for marketer status. ER00-140.

ISO New England has submitted an updated list of its customers. ER00-244.

Insurance proceeds are to offset capital investment for rate purposes in PJM. ER00-2268.

Auburn is disputing AEP charges for fuel during AEP nuclear outage. ER00-311.

Northeast Utilities "NUG & T" agreements governing relationships between generation and transmission companies is amended. ER00-318.

NU is selling electricity to its unregulated affiliate Select at market based rates. ER00-319.

NEPOOL is accepting end-users as members "for governance purposes only." ER00-326, 329.

Unitil has quit NEPOOL. ER00-328.

Genesee Power Station sold power at up to $80/MWH. ER00-381.

TransAlta Centralia is seeking market rates. ER00-494.


Black River Power will lease and operate the assets of Fort Drum QF. ER00-679.

Cogentrix Southaven seeks market rates for facility to be built in Southaven, MS. ER00-710

Cleco has sold two units to a new entity, Cleco Evangeline. ER00-766.


Strategic Energy Management Corp has filed for marketer status. ER00-167.


GCE plans to construct and operate a power facility in Jenks, Tulsa County, OK. ER00-578.

Entergy has filed formula for recovery of cost of SOx allowances. ER00-624.

Calpine Corp. is acquiring Cogeneration Corp. of America, seeking market rates for it's O'brien Phila plant. ER00-644.

California ISO is reporting the results of studies directed by FERC when it authorized ISO operations. ER00-703.

WSPP is amending its industry-standard WSPP Agreement to better reflect commercial realities. ER00-730.

CalPX is amending its bylaws. ER00-723.


PPL and Montana Power are seeking approval of aspects of their asset merger. ER00-531.

PS Colorado is selling wind energy to City of Glenwood Springs. Will pay a $.025/kWh surchage. ER00-764.


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