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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter. 

Bulk Power Highlights

March 2000

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NEPOOL has set out how the costs of ISO New England are to be shared by participants. ER00-530

Duquesne has sold all of its generation facilities to Orion Power Holdings. ER00-547

NYISO is changing its tariffs and agreements. ER00-550, 556


Mobile Energy is planning to construct a powerplant of undesignated size in Mobile, AL. ER00-869

Southwest Power Pool has filed for recognition as an RTO/ISO. ER00-975

Calcasieu Power (Dynegy) is planning a 321 MW gas-fired facility in Louisiana. ER00-1049


Com Ed has modified its transmission tariff to allow imbalance trading among retailers in its territory. ER00-799

Alrus Consulting has filed for marketer status. ER00-861


PG&E is seeking to passthrough additional ISO-related costs. ER00-900

Gleason Power (Enron) is seeking marketer status. ER00-1139


PG&E is selling its interest in the Colstrip plants to PP&L. ER00-783

Enron has filed to engage in secondary sales of FTRs originated from the CalISO. ER00-833

PGE has agreement to provide full requirements service to Canby through 2005.. ER00-1065


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