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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter. 

Bulk Power Highlights

May 2000

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:


Interconnection Agreement for a Columbia Energy Group cogen facility and Conectiv. ER00-767.

Nordic Marketing has filed for marketer status. ER00-774, 795.

NYISO has filed to recover startup costs over five years rather than ten, revises cost estimates. ER00-798.


800 MW combined cycle is planned by Cogentrix for Polk County, FL. ER00-1502.

Columbia Energy Power Marketing is canceling all operations and transferring remaining business to Enron Power Marketing. ER00-1511.

Tenaska plans a powerplant for near Billingsley, Al. ER00-1608.

Carville Energy is constructing a cogen facility in Carville, LA. ER00-1622.


Two powerplants are being constructed in Ameren territory, and have signed interconnection agreements. ER00-1144, 1145, 1179.

Wisconsin Public Service’ ESI unit is providing brokering and dispatch service to Sunbury Generation. ER00-1169, 1170.

NRG will provide O&M for Tacoma WA’s 50 MW steam plant and will broker power from the facility. ER00-1250.


CALISO and Delano have filed participating generator agreement, meter agreement,. ER00-922, 923, 948, 949, 1080.

CalPX has changed its tariff to accommodate Cal ISO “contract usage rights” and enhancements in black forward service. ER00-950, 951.

“Market Power In the San Diego Basin, a report by the Cal ISO, has been filed. ER00-997.

Enron has filed to sell power at market rates from Gleason Power and Des Plaines facilities. ER00-1139, 1140.

CalPX has submitted its report in 1999 block forward market transactions, and an index of block forward agreement customers. ER00-1388, 1395.


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