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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter. 

Bulk Power Highlights

February 2001

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:



PJM has set an interconnection agreement with PSEG Fossil. ER01-885.

PJM and NYISO have entered an agreement for managing unscheduled transmission services. ER01-1115.

PEPCO is transferring its interest in Conemaugh Generation to PPL and Allegheny. ER01-897, 900, 901.

Allegheny Energy Global has filed market-based rates tariff. ER01-944.

A Call Option has been entered between Exelon's Exgen and PECO for the Moser Generation Station. ER01-936.

CL&P is transferring certain facilities to the CRRA under threat of CRRA taking them. ER01-947.

SIGECO has filed fourth quarter 2000 transactions. ER01-1034.


Indeck is selling NEPOOL ICAP to Calpine for $1.80/kW/Mo. for 75 MW. ER01-867.

ATSI is providing Network Integration Transmission Service to a variety of customers. ER01-933, 987, 1117, 1140.

Ameren is leaving the Midwest ISO. ER01-966.


Cal ISO has entered Utility Distribution Co. Operating Agreement with the City of Vernon. ER01-871.

Cal ISO has amended its tariff to permit scheduling of energy by certain scheduling coordinators which no longer meet ISO credit requirements. ER01-889.

APS and Panda have set agreement for a generator to be connected. ER01-938.

Cal PX has revised its credit requirements to permit Cal utilities to continue without meeting collateral requirements. ER01-902, 942.

CPN is seeking market based rates. ER01-915.

PG&E and Aera Energy have entered into a generator interconnection agreement. ER01-932.

APX will be providing services to the New England and PJM Markets. ER01-1057, 1058.

Tenaska has withdrawn from the Northwest Regional Transmission Association. ER01-1148.


BPA and Puget Sound have entered storage arrangement for delivery and redelivery of power. ER01-934, 940, 1009.



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