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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter. 


TransAlta Energy Marketing and MEGA are merging. ER02-12

Cinergy is seeking approval of corporate reorganization . ER02-177, 178.

Rockland Electric is tranferring operational control of transmission facilities to PJM. ER02-109, 131.

Reliant Resources and Orion Power are merging. ER02-113.

The NYISO has filed its Open Access Transmission Tariff and other tariffs. ER02-194, 195.



Dominion Energy is seeking market rates for a number of affiliates. ER02-22-26.

Entergy has entered several agreements with large generating customers for interconnection, operation and generator imbalance service. ER02-118, 144, 130, 164.



MAPP has amednded its tariff to permit transition to an RTO. ER02-112.

Aquila Long Term is seeking market rate authority. ER02-47.

PG&E Dispersed Generation to provide capacity and energy to its affiliate PGE Energy Trading. ER02-86.





Bulk Power Highlights

October 2001

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:


Detroit Edison is transferring functional control of its transmission facilities to the Midwest ISO. ER01-3000.

The New York ISO is extending its $1000/MWH bid cap through winter 2001-2002; has filed tariffs re imports/exports; is implementing "virtual bidding’ and has implemented an "automated mitigation procedure" in day-ahead market. ER01-3001, 3112, 3147, 3153, 3155.

PJM has filed its Operating Agreements. ER01-3050-3051.

AEP has filed an index of its agreements for transmission service. ER01-3033

AEP has filed OATTs for interconnection and long-term firm transmission use. ER01-3141.

ISO New England has filed a report regarding its Emergency Action With Respect to Objective Capability for September 2001-May 2002. ER01-3048.


MAPP has filed its agreements for transmission service with members and nonmembers. ER01-3003, 3011, 3045.

Midamerican has filed its OATT. ER01-2986.


CAISO is modifying its settlement practices due to the crisis in California’s wholesale energy markets, and has also submitted an informational filing regarding its Demand Relief Program of Summer 2001. ER01-3013 and 3047.

Merchant Energy Group of Americas rates schedules have been transferred to TransAlta Energy Marketing. ER01-3148.


The WSCC has filed its Unscheduled Flow Mitigation Plan. ER01-3085.


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