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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter. 

Bulk Power Highlights

December 2004

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

Kiowa Power, Tenaska, complaints requesting that FERC
require AEP to implement Generator Interconnection Policy
20041214-0140, 20041214-0141.

ISO New England, Inc submitted its quarterly market reports.

Midwest ISO Transmission Owners discusses the problems
with reactive power services. 20041214-0229.

Credit Suisse First Boston International submits its generation
market power analysis 20041214-0232.

ISO New England submits status reports 20041215-0099.

ISO New England explanation of the revised Review Board
Process 20041215-0009.

NYISO revision to its Incentivized Day-Ahead Economic Load
Curtailment Program, 20041215-0016.

Dominion provides the current state regulatory approvals
related to its planned integration into PJM 20041210-0060.

Proposal for honoring existing transmissoin contracts under
the CAISO's comprehensive market design 20041210-0099.

Emergency State existed in the New York Control Area on 11/
29/04, 20041208-0293.

SPP, Inc submits an executed Joint Operating Agreement with
Midwest ISO 20041207-0003.

MISO seams agreement activities with the Mid-Continent Area
Power Pool 20041203-0021.

Avista sale of Dynamic Capacity and Energy Services,

ISO New England, Compliance Report describing the consider-ation
of local scarcity pricing for New England 20041203-0047.



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