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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

December 1996

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

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Strategic Energy Ltd has filed for marketer status. ER96-3107.

West Penn Power is paying Mon Valley $31 million to cancel 80 MW coal QF project not yet under construction. ER96-3146.

Oceanside Energy has filed for marketer status. ER97-181.

NIMO is getting 26 MW from NYPA for economic development rates. ER97-346.

Exact Power Co. has filed for marketer status. ER97-382.

ProLianceEnergy has filed for marketer status. ER97-420.

PP&L has won a competitive bid to supply JCP&L (GPU) ER97-472.


CP&L and NCEMC have entered agreement under which NCEMC is sole supplier for its members. ER97-321.

American Energy Solutions has filed for marketer status. ER97-360.

Amvest Coal Sales has filed for marketer status. ER97-464.

A’Lones Group has filed for marketer status. ER97-512.

The Energy Spring (Atlanta Gas Light affiliate) has filed for marketer status. ER97-542.


MidAmerican Energy has filed a change in tariff to require it to separately state all costs when it provides itself transmission and ancillary service. ER97-425.


Enron has added a code of conduct and protections against affiliate abuse to its tariff for the combined Enron/PGE. ER96-3065.

Deseret G&T is getting away from RUS, and becoming FERC jurisdictional. ER97-137.

Unocal Corp. has filed for marketer status. ER97-262.

Destec will be permitted to sell directly to PG&E retail customers under revision to current agreement. ER97-320.

Aha Macav Power Service, which supplies a casino, is receiving transmission service from Citizens Utilities. ER97-358.

PG&E and Lassen have entered an islanding agreement allowing direct service by cogenerator during outages. ER97-463.


WWP is being paid by NCPA to terminate a 20 year power sale agreement. ER97-279.

MP Energy (Montana Power) has filed for marketer status. ER97-399.

PNGC, having paid BPA an exit fee, has filed a new tariff at FERC addressing market power issues. ER97-504.

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