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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

March 1997

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

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NEPOOL has proposed to restructure itself to convert into an ISO. ER97-1079.

MMWEC, disagreeing with NEPOOL's proposal, has submitted its own plan for restructuring. ER97-1080.

PJM members have submitted new 888-compliant tariffs, including a pool-wide open access tariff. ER97-1082.

CAPCO (Central Area Coordinating Group) is subject to a restructuring filing made unilaterally by Duquesne Light Co. ER97-1165.

Ohio Edison has ceased permitting use of CAPCO agreement to transmit power. ER97-1169.

Westinghouse is selling assets in 79 MW waste facility to American Ref-Fuel. ER97-1346.

Two new powerplants are being studied for Massachusetts. ER97-1415.

NHEC has ceased being a cooperative and is now an investor-owned utility. ER97-1477.

Con Ed is increasing transmission rates by over $10 million for NYPA customers. ER97-1508.

NYPP has filed a proposal to dissolve itself and establish an ISO and a power exchange. ER97-1523.

Duquesne-Pitcairn contract has been amended by adding a stranded cost provision. ER97-1543.

Columbia Energy Services (Columbia Gas System) has filed for marketer status. ER97-1621.

Black Brook Energy Company has filed for marketer status. ER97-1676.

PG&E and Bechtel have filed to build a new gas fired facility to be located in Harris County, GA, which will sell power at market-based rates. ER97-1686.

North Atlantic Utilities Inc., a gas marketer, has filed for power marketer status. ER97-1716.

CNG Retail Services has filed for marketer status. While focussing on retail, some wholesale sales are envisioned. ER97-1845.


HorizEn Energy Corporation, owned by Ed Casey (Tenneco Energy's former COO), has filed for marketer status. ER97-1315.

Power Marketing Coal Services has filed for marketer status. ER97-1548.

Ogden Martin and VEPCO have amended their power purchase agreement for the 72 MW waste-to-energy facility in Fairfax, VA. ER97-1562.

Peabody PowerTrade will be terminated as a corporation (business will be done as Citizens Power). ER97-1826.


NSP will sell power to Manitowoc for $139/kW/Yyr. ER97-1295.

NICOR Energy Management Services (Northern Illinois Gas) has filed for marketer status. ER97-1816.

Soyland is transfering its share of the Clinton nuclear facility to Illinois Power in bid to forestall bankruptcy filing. ER97-1827.


Amoco Energy Trading is revising its tariff to delete prohibition on affiliate sales. ER97-1571.

APS is seeking authority to sell at market-based rates. ER97-1672.

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