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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

April 1997

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

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APRA Energy Group has filed for marketer status. ER97-1643.

Penn Power has given discounts to Ellwood and Grove City of 17-19%. ER97-1991.

Delmarva has cancelled its open access tariff and replaced it with the new PJM tariff. ER97-1908, 1929.

VELCO has revised its tariff to apply only to local transmission. Otherwise it is under NEPOOL tariff. ER97-1930.

Competitive Utility Services Corp. (Pa Rural Electric Association) has filed for marketer status. ER97-1932.

CL&P to charge UI based upon new NEPOOL tariff. ER97-1941.

Colonial Energy, the petroleum products firm, has filed for marketer status. ER97-1968.

Niagara Mohawk has cancelled the agreement under which it wheeling NYPA power to certain retail customers. ER97-2006.

West Penn Power has cut its rates in return for a contract extension for Tarentum. ER97-2167.

Energis Resources (PSE&G) has filed for marketer status. ER97-2176.


Amvest Power, subsidiary of Amvest Coal Sales, has filed for marketer status. ER97-2045.

Duke will charge Seneca for stranded investments due to its move to Southern Company. ER97-2096, 2137, 2100.

Atlantic Energy, Inc. has filed for marketer status. ER97-2132.


MP&L and CPA have agreed to costs of backup radial feeder subtransmission line. ER97-2133.

Valero Power is to become a subsidiary of PG&E. ER97-1847.

SoCalEd has set "proforma" radial line agreement setting fees to be paid should anyone purchase the attached generating facilities. ER97-2150.

Amerada Hess Corporation has filed for marketer status.


WWP Resources, a Washington Water Power affiliate, has changed its name to Avista Energy Services. ER97-2003.

Pacificorp has revised its tariff to provide for delivery for NYMEX futures contracts. ER97-2014.

Montana Power is billing BPA for load following services. ER97-2038.

Puget Sound P&L and Washington Natural Gas Co. are now Puget Sound Energy Inc. ER97-2162.

Poco Petroleum is filing for marketer status. ER97-2197, 2198.

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