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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

May 1997

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

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PSE&G has modified its transmission service agreements because of the availability of the service under the PJM open access tariff. ER97-2399, -2646.

Lowell Cogeneration LP has filed for power marketer status in the event the facility fails to meet QF status this summer. ER97-2414.

NU will sell Fitchburg G&E and Unitil a 11 MW entitlement in pumped storage units for six months beginning May 1, 1997 for a fixed capacity charge of $2.50/kW/month. ER97-2617.

Unitil Resources, a retail power marketer, is seeking approval of a market-based rate schedule. ER97-2462.

Constellation Power Source, a subsidiary of Baltimore Gas & Electric, has filed for power marketer status. ER97-2261.


Duke Power has agreed to continue providing wheeling capacity and accompanying energy generated at SEPA reservoir to SEPA preference customers located in Duke’s service area. ER97-2398.

Tampa Electric is selling the City of New Smyrna up to 10 MW of capacity and associated energy from Big Bend during the summer months for the next three years. ER97-2484.

Duke Power has increased the monthly capacity rate for wheeling between Carolina Power & Light’s eastern and western service areas from $1.0758 to $1.0983/kW/month. ER97-2665.

Duke Power will sell power to Florida Power & Light at market-based rates. ER97-2319.


Cinergy has signed a Letter of Reservation with Commonwealth Edison for sales of bulk power on a market basis through December 31, 1999. ER97-2331.

Western Resources has added a new service schedule so municipal customer may purchase short-term capacity during peak periods without incurring the full base capacity charge. ER97-2377.

Interstate Power is wheeling power from WP&L and Corn Belt under the terms of its open access tariff. ER97-2502, -2503.

Minnesota Power has amended a service agreement with municipal customer to revise rate for economy energy, to change a set $3 adder to 10% of out-of-pocket costs, to change the regulation energy provisions, and to ensure the city abides by all MAPP reliability criteria. ER97-2379.


Modesto has signed a purchase power agreement with WWP allowing it to purchase as much as 100 MW of capacity for the next 27 months, paying a reservation charge of $0.50/kW/month and a nominated contract capacity charge of $1.00/kW/month. ER97-2322.

San Diego Gas & Electric has signed an interchange agreement with NorAm, providing for a rate cap of $8.081/kW/month. ER97-2436.

Fina Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of the oil firm, is seeking power marketer status. ER97-2413.


Idaho Power has agreed to supply up to 50 MW of load following capacity to Montana Power. ER97-2434.

WWP has revised its standard service agreement for non-firm point-to-point transmission service to clarify certain provisions and to add provisions for creditworthiness, billing and payment arrangements, and term of service. ER97-2663.

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