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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

March 1998

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Con Ed has amended its transmission tariff for its retail access program. ER98-1631.

American Home Energy Corp., affiliate of Queens NY heating oil company HEAT USA has filed for mareter status. ER98-1903.

Sithe Energies is is seeking to sell power at market-based rates from the five powerplants it has purchased from Boston Edison. ER98-1943.

PG Energy Power Plus, affiliate of PG Energy Propone Services, has filed for marketer status. ER98-1953.

Advanced Energy Services has filed to sell power at market-based rates from the powerplant it purchased from Harvard—a 62 MW cogen facility. ER98-1992.

Granite State and NEPCO are amending their contract to permit Granite State retail customers to purchase on the open market. ER98-2023.

Conectiv Energy Supply (Delmarva and Atlantic City Electric) has filed for marketer status. ER98-2045.

Energy International, an exporter of electrical and mechanical equipment has filed for marketer status. ER98-2059.

Con Ed has amended its Retail Access Tariff to eliminate the $100/kW/yr specified price for in–city capacity sales and replace it with an auction-based rate. ER98-2099.

NIMO is providing transmission and power to Energetix, an energy services company eligible to serve in the Farm & Food Processors Retail Access Pilot Program. ER98-2146.


Entergy Arkansas is accelerating recovery of its costs for the Grand Gulf nuclear plant prior to commencement of retail competition in Arkansas. ER98-1917.

Energy Clearinghouse has filed for marketer status. ER98-2020.


Hawkeye Power Partners, a sub of FPL, is seeking approval to sell power at market rates from a planned 42 MW wind faciliy to be located in Iowa. ER98-2076.

Tenaska Frontier Partners (a partnership of Tenaska, Montana Power and Illinova) is seeking market-based rates for a proposed 830 MW gas-fired facility to be built in Grimes County, TX, with power going to PECO Energy. ER98-1767.


The California ISO has filed contracts under which Scheduling Coordinators will provide data to the ISO. ER98-1842, etc.

The California ISO has required filing of agreements authorizing Scheduling Coordinators to communicate with the ISO on behalf of their clients. ER98-1870, etc.

ANP Energy Direct has ceased operations as a power marketer. ER98-1908.

The California ISO- required filings by "Participating Generators"—powerplant owners who wish to participate in the ISO-controlled market. ER98-1910, etc.

Nine Energy Services has filed for marketer status. ER98-1915.

The California ISO-required filings for "Utility Distribution Companies" for coordination with ISO-controlled grid. ER98-1923.

The California ISO has entered a "pro forma Meter Service Agreement for PX participants" with SDG&E. ER98-1955.

West Texas Wind Energy Partners, a sub of FPL, is seeking market-based rates for a proposed 74 MW find facility to be located in Texas. The facility was the winning bidder to provide 20 year power to CSW.

National Gas & Electric has changed its name to PanCanadian Energy Services, L.P. ER98-1972.

CSW Energy services, sub of CSW, is seeking power marketer status . ER98-2075.

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