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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

June 1998

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

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RG&E has filed its retail transmission tariff for open access. ER98-2922.

Allegheny Electric Coop is acting as agent for transmission purchases for retail pilot customers, displacing ESCOs. ER98-2937.

Consumers Energy is providing retail access for Cannon-Muskegon Corp. under Michigan’s retail access program. ER98-2965.

Montaup is reimbursing its customers for payments under its interruptible load program. ER98-2968.

Central Vermont will penalize non-firm transmission customers who fail to interrupt with penalties equal to 2x standard rate. ER98-2994.

Rainbow Power has filed for marketer status. ER98-3012.

PJM is amending Operating Agreement to allow firm point-to-point transmission customers to avoid liabilities associated with Fixed Transmission Rights. ER98-3014.

DTE Edison America, affiliate of Detroit Edison, has filed for marketer status. ER98-3026.

Westchester RESCO is selling power from its 61 MW biomass facility in Peekskill, NY to Con Edison Solutions, Con Ed’s retail affiliate. ER98-3030.

Penn Power Energy is buying Inpacity Obligations and tranmission service from PECO for retail access program. ER98-3033, 3034.

Northeast Electricity, Inc. has filed for marketer status. ER98-3048.

Unitil and PSNH will continue to act as designated agents for retail customers participating in the New Hampshire retail pilot program. ER98-3138, 3139.

NEP is prepaying obligations under power purchase agreement covering Ogden 43 MW biomass facility in Haverhill. MA. ER98-3156.

AIE Energy, affiliate of Active Media Services has filed for marketer status. ER98-3164.


SPP is seeking to waive certain provisions of its MW-Mile tariff due to problems in tracking transactions. ER98-3158.

Electrion, Inc. affiliate of Telecom Network, has filed for marketer status. ER98-3171.


Energy PM, affiliate of Indeck Energy, has filed for marketer status. ER98-2918.

K&K Resources has filed for marketer status. ER98-3006.

Com Ed is seeking discretion to waive deposit requirement for transmission customers. ER98-3051.


California ISO has asked FERC to disclaim jurisdiction over it. ER98-2095.

Requests by California plant-owners to sell ancillary services at market-based rates. ER98-2971, 2972, 2977.

Powersource Corp. has filed for marketer status. ER98-3052.


Sovereign Power Co., a tribal corp. owned by the Spokane Tribe of Indians, has filed for marketer status. ER98-2995.

WAPA is to pay Enron (Portland GE) $42 million up front rather than $166 million through 2015. ER98-3058.

Rocky Mountain Natural Gas & Electric has filed for marketer status. ER98-3108.

TransAlta Energy Marketing (US) Inc., affiliate of Canadian utility TransAlta, has filed for marketer status. ER98-3184.


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