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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

August 1998

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

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Onondaga Cogen has obtained a put option to sell to NIMO from its cogen facility. ER98-3672.

Con Ed is providing energy and capacity to ESCOs in its Retail Choice program. ER98-3764.

NIMO is purchasing power from NYPA for the NYS "Power for Jobs" program. ER98-3792.

GMP is purchasing call options from Hydro-Quebec. ER98-3969.

LILCO, having merged with the Long Island Power Authority, has declared itself a "municipality" not subject to FERC jurisdiction. ER98-3970.


Doswell is consolidating two power sales agreements with Virginia Power. ER98-3606.

APCO is permitting the City of Summersville to extend date for initial sales from a new small hydro facility in return for 1.1 power. ER98-3763.

DukeSolutions, a Duke Energy subsidiary, has filed for power marketer status. ER98-3813.


WEPCO is changing its balancing requirements and making them significantly more onerous. ER98-3591.

Com Ed is offering redispatch service as an alternative to transmission interruptions. ER98-3689.

MAPP has filed it Line Loading Relief Procedure. ER98-3709.

BHP is seeking market rate authority for sales to Aquila from its White Pine refinery. ER98-3784.


Enron is seeking authority to sell to affiliate Portland GE. ER98-3685,86.

People’s Electric Corp (affiliate of People’s Electric Coop) has filed for market-based rates. ER98-3719.

Choctaw Generation LP has filed for marketer status to manage power from planned 440 MW lignite facility. ER98-3774.

Power Strategies, an operator of MSW and landfill gas projects, has filed for marketer status. ER98-3778.

SPP has amended its open access tariff to provide for line loss payments. ER98-3888.

Coral Power has cancelled its agreement with PCA due to the latter’s default. ER98-3965, 3968.

Enron has cancelled its agreement with PCA due to the latter’s default. ER98-3966.


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