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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

October 1998

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

Quarterly sales reports are in! Look for each company’s report at the top of each regional section.


NYSEG is selling its coal-fired facilities (1,424 MW) to AES. ER98-4406

NU is selling Holyoke power at oil-indexed prices through 2003. ER98-4525.

Concord and Exeter will make stranded cost payments to Unitil. ER98-4538.

LILCO has cancelled all rate schedules and declared itself an unregulated "municipality". ER98-4544.

NU is selling Unitil power indexed to oil through 2007. ER98-4591.

Mission is buying the NYSEG/Penelec Homer City plant for $1.8 billion. ER98-4600.

PP&L EnergyPlus has requested authorization to sell at market-based rates. ER98-4608.

NIMO has filed proposed scheduling and balancing tariff for retail access program. ER98-4635.

PJM is changing tariff to accommodate Pennsylvania retail access program. ER98-4648.

Boralex Stratton Energy (sub of a Canadian hydro/cogen developer) has filed for marketer status. ER98-4652.

ACN Power, affiliate of telecom company American Communications Network, has filed for marketer status. ER98-4685.

Consumers Power is retail wheeling for Tenneco Packaging. ER99-0011.

NYSEG is retail wheeling for a number of retail marketers. ER99-0012, 0047.

PECO is providing a variety of services required to implement its retail access program. ER99-0025.

TransCanada Power is buying Montaup’s interest in Ocean State. ER99-0033.


Cadillac Renewable Energy, owner of a 38 MW spp has filed to sell excess power at market-based rates. ER98-4515.


Mock Energy Services has ceased its power marketing activities. ER98-4588.

Storm Lake is seeking market-rate authority for sales to MidAmerican from its wind generating facility. ER98-4643.

ETEC is buying a 60 MW interest in the Independence plant in return for early termination of a 30 MW power purchase agreement from same. ER98-4649.

Enron’s Clinton Energy has deleted a portion of its tariff which would permit sales to its affiliate Portland GE per FERC directive. ER98-4653.


Public Service Colorado will sell wind power to Colorado Springs at 5.9/kWh. ER98-4590.


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