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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

December 1998

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

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A number of companies have entered the PJM Reliability Assurance Agreement ER99-586-657.

Dighton Power Associates is seeking market-based rates for its 175 MW facility in Dighton, MA. ER99-616.

Allegheny Power will provide retail transmission access. ER99-621.

EME Homer City Generation seeks market-based rates for its 1884 MW coal-fired facility. ER99-666.

Borough of Ephrata is paying $1 million to PP&L in stranded cost payments. ER99-683.

Commodore Electric, affiliate of Commodore Gas, has filed for marketer status. ER99-719.

Shared Energy, Inc. has filed for marketer status. ER99-721.

PP&L has settled stranded cost issue with 15 boroughs. ER99-761-775.

Grayling and Genesee Generating Stations are selling output from two 38 MW facilities to Consumers through 2018. ER99-791, 806.

Con Ed has amended its retail tariff to permit customer to purchase peakload only power. ER99-792.

Metro Energy Group has filed for marketer status. ER99-801.


AES NY has filed for market rates for 1424 MW of capacity it is purchasing from NGE in New York. ER99-564.

Entergy is providing service through 2005 to several cities. ER99-619, 635.

FPC has settled disputes with Ridge Generating Station regarding sales from 39 MW biomass facility. ER99-632.

Koch Power Louisiana seeks market rates for planned 200 MW CT to be located in Louisiana. ER99-637.

Southern seeks market rates for proposed 340 MW facility to be built in Neenah, WI. ER99-669.


Tucson Electric Power has filed a retail open access tariff. ER99-533.

Business Discount Plan has filed for marketer status. ER99-581.

Golden Spread Electric Coop has filed for market –based rates. ER99-705.

Automated Power Exchange has proposed a new Daily Market—on-peak and off-peak. ER99-746.


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