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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

January 1999

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

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AmerGen (PECO/British Energy) has proposed to buy Three Mile Island and sell its power at market-based rates. ER99-754.

River City Energy has filed for marketer status. ER99-823.

Con Edison is modifying its Localized Market Power Mitigation Measures applicable to In-City generation to link power prices more closely to fuel costs. ER99-850, 1038.

Millennium Power Partners is planning a 370 MW powerplant in Charlton, MA. ER99-869.

Central Maine will connect to Androscoggin Energy’s 171 MW facility at the International Paper mill. ER99-878.

Citizens Power has formed another five special LLCs to trade power. ER99-890-894.

Strategic Energy, Ltd. has been acquired by Kansas City Power & Light. ER99-930.

PECO is providing various services to its affiliate, Exelon. ER99-938, 989, 941.

CH Resources (Central Hudson) has field for market rates for two Kamine/Besicorp facilities it is purchasing. ER99-1001.

Purchase of call options by Hydro-Quebec. ER99-1019.

NIMO has increased available reserved capacity to permit delivery by NYPA of Power for Jobs. ER99-1041.

Salko Energy Services has filed for marketer status. ER99-1052.


Edison Mission Marketing & Trading, sub of plant owner/operator Edison Mission Energy has filed for marketer status. ER99-852.

Entergy Nuclear is proposing to buy the Pilgrim nuclear plant from Boston Edison and sell at market-based rates. ER99-1004.

Southern Energy Canal will sell long term power at fixed rates to Massachusetts utilities. ER99-1024.

Entergy will sell 200 MW to Southern through December 31, 2001. ER99-1043.

Wisvest-Connecticut (Wisconsin Energy Corp) has filed to sell power at market rates from 1000 MW of United Illuminating facilities it is purchasing. ER99-967.

Rockgen Energy is seeking market rates for sales from RockGen Energy Center, a planned 525 MW facility in Wisconsin. ER99-970.

Skygen Energy Marketing, a sub of Polsky Energy Corp. has filed for marketer status. ER99-972.

Electric Energy Inc. has agreed to permit DOE to reduce its purchases. ER99-1083.


Amoco Energy Trading has cancelled all power marketing functions. ER99-820.

CA ISO has amended its tariff to allow it to reject bids exceeding its cap. ER99-820.

APX is providing a hub at Mid-Columbia market. ER99-854.

PG&E has filed an updated market power analysis. ER99-905.

Cal ISO has proposed a grid management charge of $.77/mWh. ER99-921.

Sun-Peak is taking over O&M responsibilities from Nevada Power for 210 MW plant. ER99-963.

Cielo Power Marketing (Cielo Wind Power) has filed for marketer status. ER99-964.


PGE will be paid $10 million for restructuring its long-term agreement with City of Burbank. ER99-992.

Pacificorp Power Marketing seeks permission to operate in the WSCC. ER99-1078.


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