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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

February 1999

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

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UI is transferring its fossil generation and wholesale power agreements to Wisvest-Connecticut. ER99-977

Boston Edison is amending agreement with Entergy to require 68% capacity factor at Pilgrim for full payment (Entergy is taking on Pilgrim from BECO) ER99-1027.

Pennsylvania Power is providing retail transmission service to a number of companies. ER99-1098, 1182, 1351.

FirstEnergy reported cost of $211/mWH for the period July 20-August 31, 1998. ER99-1119.

Duquesne has proposed amendments to its transmission tariff for retail access. ER99-1132.

Several APS customers have withdrawn their opposition to the APS-Duquesne merger. ER99-1141.

NEPOOL Agreement is amended per FERC order to eliminate "excessive power of vertically integrated utilities." ER99-1142.

Michigan Gas Exchange (50% CoEnergy Trading) has filed for marketer status. ER99-1156.

Lakewood Cogeneration has filed a market-based rate schedule. ER99-1213.

Ephrata is paying PP&L $1 million in stranded costs. ER99-1250.

Constellation Power and Carr Street Generating (101 MW gas fired unit in NY) have entered into a capacity and tolling agreement. ER9-1251.

Energy East (NYSEG) is seeking market-based rates for its 60 MW cogen in South Glens Falls, NY. ER99-1261.

Duquesne has filed its rates for Energy Imbalance Service. ER99-1280.

DQE seeks market rates for surplus power from its 10 MW landfill gas facility in Monmouth County, NJ. ER99-1293.

PJM is revising its open access tariff to incorporate zonal rates. ER99-1295.

NEPOOL is establishing market rates for a variety of energy, capability, reserve and AGC products. ER99-1374.

NEP has assigned its Ocean State contracts to TransCanada Power Marketing. ER99-1394.

Pacificorp is US Generating’s Hermiston plant’s sole customer, and has obtained the option to become its fuel supplier. ER99-1404.

StratErgy, a consulting firm, has filed for marketer status. ER99-1410.

CET Marketing is taking on rights under a put agreement from the Fort Orange Cogen Facility to Niagara Mohawk. ER99-1429.

Sempra Energy Trading (Formerly AIG) is seeking to sell ancillary services at market-based rates in the Southeast. ER99-1473.


SMECO will make a termination payment of up to $26 million to PEPCO if it ends supply agreement early. ER99-1122.

LGE-Westmoreland seeks market rates for its 79 MW facility in Rennsalaer, NY. ER99-1125.

Mobile Energy seeks market rates for its 111 MW cogen in Mobile, AL. ER99-1204.

Duke Energy Trading & Marketing is acquiring NP Energy. ER99-1242.

Elwood Marketing has filed for marketer status. ER99-1465.


Cabrillo Power is seeking to sell at market based rates from its 965 MW Encina Generating Station and 17 CTs , acquired from SDG&E. ER99-1115, 1116.

Minnesota Agri-Power, (Minnesota Valley Alfalfa and Enron) will build a 75 MW alfalfa-fired facility in Granite Falls, MN. ER99-1184.

MidCon Power has ceased power marketing activities. ER99-1212.

NSP is doing interconnection study for porposed 500 MW CT. ER99-1260.

Kincaid Generation (Dominion Resources) is seeking market rates for all sales, including those from recently acquired 1,108 MW coal-fired plant (from Comm Ed). ER99-1432.

Industrial Energy Applications has ceased power marketing activities. ER99-1477.


DuPont Power Marketing has been succeeded by Conoco Power Marketing. ER99-1087.

Harbor Cogeneration Co (Indeck and Edison Mission) is seeking market rates for its 80 MW cogen near Long Beach, CA. ER99-1248.

California PX plans "Day-of" market schedule experiment. ER99-1262.

El Dorado Energy plans a 492 MW facility. ER99-1444.


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