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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

March 1999

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

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PJM has proposed to amend its open access transmission tariff to permit firm reservations up to 17 months in advance, among other changes. ER99-1550.

EnergyVision has become a division of The Williams Company of Tulsa. ER99-1560.

Atlantic City Electric is including the cost of its 69 kV facilities in its transmission rates. ER99-1618.

Montaup Electric has agreed to sell its entitlements in four power purchase agreements to Constellation PowerSource. ER99-1663.

Lake Road Generating Company (PG&E) has filed for market rates for its planned 792 MW gas fired facility in CT. ER99-1714.

CinCap VI (Cinergy) is seeking market rates for a former QF in Pennsylvania it plans to refurbish. ER99-1727.

United American Energy plans to acquire the 82 MW L’Energia facility in Lowell, MA and to sell at market rates. ER99-1744.

Bruin Energy has merged with its parent, Mack Oil and will market power as the Mack Services Group. ER99-1750.

Orion Power Holdings (Constellation) is buying 72 MW hydro facility from NIMO. ER99-1764.

Constellation has filed to sell ancillary services at market-based rates in NEPOOL. ER99-1774.


Dominion Resources and Peoples Energy Resources will build the Elwood Generation Facility, a lignite plant to be built near Elwood, Ill, with a 600 MW first phase and 3,100 MW buildout capacity. ER99-1695.

The Legacy Group has filed for marketer status. ER99-1719.

AES is seeking market-based rates for ancillary services from generators purchased from NYSEG. ER99-1761.


MAPP is proposing "redispatch service" to prevent curtailment of firm transmission transactions. ER99-1525.

Dynegy Power has filed for market rates from a proposed 800 MW gas-fired facility in Rockingham County, NC. ER99-1567.

Northern States Power seeks market-based rates for two coal-fired plants and two CTs fired on jet fuel located in Somerset MA, purchased from Montaup Electric. ER99-1712.


An updated list of all signatories to California PX Participation Agreements. ER99-1521.

CSW is providing network service to two Texas coops. ER99-1659, 2660.

Duke has filed to sell power at market rates from the four fossil plants with 693 MW of capacity leased from the San Diego Port District. ER99-1785.


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