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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

May 1999

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:

This month numerous companies have filed their intent to adopt the NERC interim transmission loading relief (TLR procedures and interim market redispatch program.)


ISO New England and the New England Power Pool are seeking expedited approval of their market rules. ER99-2175.

SIGCORP (So. Indiana Gas & Electric Co) has filed for marketer status. ER99-2181.

ECONnergy PA Inc. has filed for marketer status. ER99-2183.

Con Edison has modified its retail access program. ER99-2190, 2191.

Detroit Edison has new forms to be used for retail transmission service. ER99-2218.

NYSEG is providing network transmission service to ESCO’s supplying retail customers under their open access program. ER99-2224, 2293.

Consumers Power has submitted its retail open access tariff for informational purposes only. ER99-2226.

NIMO has a new form of agreement for retail transmission service. ER99-2244.

Con Ed/O&R are suspending their market-based rates and selling at cost-based into the NYPP. ER99-2251, 2252.

UAE has filed to sell ancillary services at market based rates from its 92 MW L’Energia facility. ER99-2255.

Modification of contract regarding Moreau Mfg’s hydro facilities and NIMO. ER99-2256, 2266.

Agway Energy Services- PA has filed for power marketer status. ER99-2313.

South Eastern Electric, developer of a 110 MW facility in Alabama, seeks to sell at market-based rates. ER99-2329.

FirstEnergy Corporation has filed for authorization to sell bulk power at market-based rates. ER99-2330.

NEPOOL has proposed a Congestion Management System and Multi-Settlement System. ER99-2335.

PJM has adopted procedures for the interconnection of additional generating capacity. ER99-2340


Huntsman Petrochemical’s exempt wholesale generator is to interconnect to Entergy. ER99-2158.

Total Gas & Electricity has filed for marketer status. ER99-2182.

EnergyChoice has ceased doing business. ER99-2188.

AEE2, a sub of AES, has filed for market-based rates for plants purchased from NYSEG. ER99-2284.

CLECO Trading & Marketing has filed for marketer status. ER99-2300.

Monroe Power (CP&L) has filed for marketer status. ER99-2324.

FPL Energy Services has filed for marketer status. ER99-2337.

Hardee Power, owner of the 295 MW Hardee Fl Power Station, is seeking market-based rates. ER99-2341.


Cordova Energy Center, a planned 500 MW facility, seeks market-based rates. ER99-2156.

NSP is seeking market rates for the plants it purchased from Con Ed and NIMO. ER99-2160, 2161,2162, 2168.

Cabrillo Power has purchased the 965 MW Encina Station from SDG&E. ER99-2172.

Aquila is selling its affiliate Utilicorp capacity at $6.85/kW/Mo with energy charge of $100/MWH. ER99-2235.


New Energy Partners (NEV) has filed for marketer status. ER99-1812.

Rocky Road Power (Dynegy) seeks market rates for its planned 250 MW Illinois facility. ER99-2157.

California’s PX has filed to provide block-forward service. ER99-2229.


Montana Power is selling 13 generating stations, including Colstrip, to PP&L, and become a pure "wiresco". ER99-1799.

Pacificorp to sell to Flathead at fixed rates of $23.85/MWH and fluctuating of index plus $.60. ER99-2205, 2206.

Holy Cross to buy up to 3 MW of windpower from PSColorado. ER99-2344.


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