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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter.

August 1999

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:


ANP plans a 615 MW facility for Blackstone MA. ER99-2598, 2815.

LSP-Kendall plans a 1100 MW facility for Kendall City, Ill. ER99-202.

Con Ed is transferring 1456 MW of generating capacity to NRG. ER99-2610.

PECO is selling affiliate Exelon PJM installed capacity credits. ER99-2699.

CMS Generation is planning a 160 MW unit for Dearborn, MI. ER99-2773.

Ogden Martin has taken assignment of a power purchase agreement for a 39 MW MSW facility in Rahway, NJ. ER99-2791.

Browning Ferris is proposing a 7 MW facility for Fall River, MA. ER99-2814.

UGI is seeking market rates for interests in coal-fired PA-based power facilities. ER99-2817.

Alternative Power is adding 3 one MW generators in East Bridgewater, MA. ER99-2853.

GPU has issued procedures manuals for determination of electricity and transmission obligations in its PA and NJ territories. ER99-2921.

Alcoa Power Generating is seeking market rates for Alcoa powerplants. ER99-2932.

NRG Northeast Power Marketing is seeking marketer status to sell from NRG’s NY plants. ER99-2968.

Fibertek Energy has filed for market rates for its 80 MW Solvay NY facility. ER99-2973.

NERC has modified its Transmission Loading Relief procedures to replace "weakest link" method with focus on firm reservation on constrained facilities. ER99-2997.

Little Bay Power (affiliate of Great Bay) will sell output of portion of Seabrook at market rates. ER99-3050.

Con Ed is buying 300 MW from WMECO. ER99-3060.

Con Ed is selling 48 gas turbines on 46 floating barges to Astoria Generating Co. ER99-3164.


NP Energy is now Duke Energy Trading and Marketing, LLC. ER99-2774.

Old Mill Power has filed for marketer status. ER99-2883.

FPL Energy MH50 is seeking market rates for its 45 MW Marcus Hook facility. ER99-2917.

Delta Energy Group has filed for marketer status. ER99-2970.

Green Country Energy (Cogentrix) is planning a 795 MW gas plant in Jenks, OK. ER99-2984.


Ameren has added tariff provisions to permit retail access in Illinois. ER99-2776.

ADM will sell CILCO summer peaking power. ER99-2792.

Utilicorp affiliate MEP Pleasant Hill is selling capacity to Utilicorp affiliate Missouri Public Service at $5.70-$7.50/kW/Mo from a to-be-constructed gas 600 MW gas unit. ER99-2833, 2858.

Tenaska is planning a 930 MW gas unit for Rusk County, TX. ER99-2992.

Rocky Road is connecting its 250 MW facility to Com Ed. ER99-3009.

Minergy Neenah (Wisconsin Electric) is selling power from a new 650 MW biomass facility in Neenah, WI to Alliant Energy. ER99-3125.

Bishop Power has filed for marketer status. ER99-3127.


Sierra Pacific is divesting over 1000 MW in conjunction with its merger with Nevada Power. ER99-2332.

Nevada Power is divesting over 1700 MW in conjunction with its merger with Sierra Pacific. ER99-2338.

APX is creating a unified green/conventional power market. ER99-2668.

Enron has acquired interests in Cogen Technologies powerplants. ER99-2805-2810.

Enron’s Green Power Partners is planning a 16.5 MW wind farm in CA. ER99-2822.

Front Range is to build a 164 MW gas facility in CO with output going to PSCo. ER99-2879.

Amoco Energy Trading has filed for marketer status. ER99-2895.

Phelps Dodge Energy will lease and operate Phelps Dodge powerplants. ER99-2923.

Coast Energy (CornerStone Propane) has filed for marketer status. ER99-3005.

Complete Energy Services has filed for marketer status. ER99-3033, 3147.

Duke Energy has taken over operation of two AEC plants in Gennonville, MO. ER99-3118.

Reliant is seeking to sell power from the Indian River facility (608 MW) which it is acquiring from the Orlando Utilities Commission, at market rates. ER99-3143.


Colorado Energy Management has filed a tariff for a new 60 MW gas facility which will sell its output to PSCo for eight years. ER99-3104.

Pacificorp will store and shape windpower provided to it from the Wyoming Wind Project for use by PSCo, at a price of $10.75/MWH. ER99-3120.


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