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The Bulk Power Highlights are reprinted with permission from the Wheeling & Transmission Monthly newsletter. 

October 1999

Each document summarized in the Bulk Power Report may be found at:


A final batch of second quarter market sales reports as been filed by companies with market-based rates.


PP&L is seeking market-based rates for its Montana Colstrip plants. ER99-3491.

Consumers Energy and Detroit Edison are taking different approaches to scheduling and balancing service in their retail access programs. ER99-3610.

NIMO is transferring its 32 MW Glen Park Hydro facility to Northbrook New York. ER99-3623.

NIMO and NYSEG are selling their Nine Mile Point 1 and 2 interests to Amergen. ER99-3804.

NEPOOL is setting rules for prices in the Operable Capability Market. ER99-4002.

ISO New England is establishing rules to pay customers for load curtailment. ER99-4019.

ISO New England is establishing rules for correcting market-clearing prices. ER99-4030.

ISO New England is establishing rules for excess generation situations. ER99-4193.

NIMO is selling its Oswego Station to NRG Energy. ER99-4080.

Bay State GPE (NiSource) is seeking market rates for a 2.2 MW facility in Agawam, MA. ER99-4081.

CMS has contracted to purchase power from its unregulated affiliates, from the 38 MW Grayling and 38 MW Genesee Generating Stations. ER99-4096.

Milford Power Co. is constructing a 544 MW gas facility in Milford, CT. ER99-4102.

CL&P and WMECO are selling 1329 MW of capacity to NU affiliate, NGC. ER99-4114.

Pennsylvania Enterprises is merging with Southern Union Co. ER99-4127.

Northern Main Independent System Administrator has been established. ER99-4225.

NYISO is seeking to recover its startup and formation costs. ER99-4235.

Athens Project, a 1080 MW facility under construction by PG&E, is due to commence operation in early 2002. ER99-4282.

NERC has modified its redispatch program. ER99-4322.

NEPOOL has modified ICAP rules to account for interruptible loads. ER99-4330.

CL&P is selling NRG 2235 MW of generating capacity. ER99-4353.

Duke Energy has purchased 27.5% of UAE. ER99-4360.

ProLiance has become an affiliate of SIGECO. ER99-4380.


Atlanta Gas Light, formerly The Energy Spring, is now Georgia Natural Gas Co. ER99-4126.

Duke Energy Trading has exercised its option regarding Bridgeport Harbor Station power. ER99-4204.

LSP-Kendall is constructing a 1,100 MW facility in Kendall County, Il. ER99-4366.

PSCo is to supply Yampa Valley with 300 kW of windpower. ER99-4196.

El Paso affiliate EML Power, is seeking to sell power from the Orange and Mulberry cogen facilities to FPC at market rates. ER99-4262.


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