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Boolean Expressions

Searches may use AND, OR, NOT boolean connectors (a space between keywords is treated as AND). Multiple ANDs, ORs and NOTs are supported. Upper and lower case are ignored (case-insensitive). Keywords may be truncated with an '*' as the last character of the root-word.

as in:

POWER TRANSMISSION     =  both power and transmission
POWER AND TRANSMISSION =  both power and transmission
ELECTRIC OR GAS      =  either electric or gas
MARKET*          =  any word beginning with 'market'
COURT NOT SUPREME =  all entries with 'court' but excluding any with 'supreme'

You can give boolean expressions with parenthesized sub-expressions as in:


which will match article names that contain 'supreme' and 'court' or articles that have names that contain 'supreme' and 'burrito'. When in doubt about order of evaluation, parenthesize the expression.

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